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  • ISO 9001; 2015 Certified
  • Members of CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) 
  • Members of CHIG (Construction Hoist Interest Group)
  • FORS Registered (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme)

Labour-Saving Shifta Conveyor Machines for Hire and Purchase in South Godstone, London

Transport materials the easy way with our versatile load-moving solution. Call us in South Godstone, London, for a labour-saving Shifta Conveyor that will prove to be a valuable addition to your equipment.

Easier Transporting

Improve your efficiency with a Shifta Conveyor™. Hoist & Plant Hire Co Ltd offer this portable two-speed machine for when you need something to help effectively handle a wide range of materials, such as:

  • Stones 
  • Aggregate 
  • Soil 
  • Concrete 
  • Chippings 
  • Rubble
  • Screed

Faster Construction

Double your performance with the Shifta and get the job done faster and with half the effort. A conveyor helps you to quickly transport waste materials over long distances with different inclines into skips, dumpsters and trucks for fast removal. Benefits of the Shifta Conveyor include:

  • Lightweight Construction Means It Can Be Easily Manoeuvred by One Man 
  • Any Load Can Be Transported Any Distance up to 45 Degrees Incline 
  • Available in 3.2-Metre, 4.4-Metre, or 5.4-Metre Lengths 
  • Different Length Units Can Be Arranged in Sequence at Different Angles to Create the Best Route e.g. Upwards, or down a Slope 
  • Deep-Troughed Chevron Belt and Large Hopper for Bulk Loading 
  • Powerful 2-Speed, 110-Volt, 3-Phase Inverted Motor Allows the Shifta Conveyor to Take on Any Job 
  • The Compact Size Makes This a Great Conveyor for Areas Where Space is Tight e.g. Basements 
  • The Folding Bogey Allows Easy Setting up and Folding away
  • To Set the Conveyor up, Simply Lift It up, Pull out the Bogey Pin, and Lower the Bogey Arm, before Finally Lowering the Conveyor
  • To Stack the Unit away It’s the Same Process in Reverse
  • Forklift Holes for Even Easier Moving and Stacking
  • Lightweight All-in-One Aluminium Extruded Body and Heavy-Duty Hopper 
  • Running Speed Slow 20 Metres per Minute 
  • Running Speed Fast 28 Metres per Minute
  • Max Angle 50 Degrees, Depending on Material e.g. Stones, Aggregate, Soil
  • Maximum Payload 150 kg 
  • In-Built Belt Tracking and Front and Back Scraper 
  • 5kva Transformer Will Run Four Linked Machines 
  • Detachable Hopper
  • 2 x Mushroom Emergency Stop Buttons, Top and Bottom 
  • Braked Wheels
  • Machine Stand for Stability and Angle Adjustment

Contact us for more information on the Shifta conveyors available for purchase and hire from our business in South Godstone, London.