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Durable Scissor Lifts for Hire in South Godstone, London

Reach those high corners. Call us in South Godstone, London, for a durable scissor lift that saves you money and time on hiring scaffolding.

Effective Solutions

Come to Hoist & Plant Hire Co Ltd when you need to hire a good scissor lift. Our products are good temporary measures for a short project where using scaffolding and ladders may not be suitable. They are also handy for when you need aerial access to carry out maintenance and building work.

If significant outreach and horizontal manoeuvring is required, a cherry picker may be best. Where vertical movement is all that is required or all that is practically possible, scissor lifts could be your answer.

A Handy Solution

Reach tight spaces with this piece of equipment from Hoist & Plant Hire Co Ltd. Scissor lifts really come into their own where space is limited or narrow and vertical access is required. They have a very small turning radius which makes them great for particularly tight areas. With its low emission electric motor and non-marking tyres, this type of lift is also suitable for indoor use when you need to reach high ceiling spaces.

You can easily operate this durable piece of equipment with a small joystick. There are also built-in self-diagnostics and facilities that allow the user to operate compressed air and power tools. They also have inbuilt features to make them more effective and safe outdoors, such as four-wheel drive and pothole protection. Safety features also include:

  • Motion Alarms 
  • Descent Alarms 
  • Manual Descent 
  • Dual-Wheel Automatic Breaks
  • A Horn

Greater Capacity and Workspace

Rely on a scissor lift when you need to transport heavy and bulky materials up to the site of work. The larger platforms allow for more space to work and store materials such as pieces of board, cladding, and tiles. They have a greater lifting capacity than a cherry picker and typically allow some deck and bridge extension.

Contact us for the scissor lifts we hire out to clients across London from our base in South Godstone.